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We build, connect, and scale new digital products, services, and platforms using AI, latest technologies and dynamic data.

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Unlocking Business Transformation through AI, New Technologies & Data Solutions

Experience the next level of business transformation with Vivaldi’s AI, New Technologies & Data Solutions. As technology consultants, we harness cutting-edge innovations to build, connect, and scale digital products, services, and platforms that redefine your business’s potential.

Business Technology & Data Strategists

Vivaldi empowers your business with the limitless potential of new technologies and dynamic data. Employing our technology strategy, our focus on the latest advancements drives transformation to unprecedented heights.

Driving Business Reinvention through Powerful Technology Deployment

Strategic Technology Deployment: There is a race to deploy AI. To truly reinvent, businesses have to master use of powerful technologies. The future of business lies in how it adapts to the massive shifts that are happening. Vivaldi’s expertise enables you to leverage these new innovations, driving transformation to new horizons.

Integrated Solutions for Vision Alignment: We collaborate to identify solutions aligned with your vision. With our mastery in building platforms, digital products, and brands, we use AI to enhance interactions and elevate user experiences. We are your partners in the race to deploy AI and we make sure that your business stands out in a competitive landscape.

Elevating Customer Experience with Connected Commerce Solutions

Customer-Centric Approach: In commerce, customer experience is paramount. Vivaldi’s Connected Commerce solutions blend data, new technology, and creativity to deliver remarkable interactions. We create personalized experiences that deeply resonate, seamlessly integrating online and offline touchpoints.

Engagement and Brand Loyalty: Our holistic commerce ecosystem builds engagement and cultivates brand loyalty. Customers are at the heart of our approach.

Navigating the Landscape of Transformative Technologies

Harnessing Dynamic Innovations: As your business technology consultant, Vivaldi navigates the expanding realm of new technologies—AI, Web3, and beyond. We streamline and manage these transformative systems, reimagining how they impact your functions, processes, and people.

Data-Driven Insights for Growth: Our technology strategy expertise in data-driven insights and organizational redesign ensures seamless integration, unlocking untapped potential for exponential growth.

Embrace the Future with Vivaldi’s Expertise

Strategic Business Partnership: At Vivaldi, we go beyond technology, serving as  your  business technology consultants. We navigate the complex landscape of business, data and new technology, guiding your business towards boundless possibilities of reinvention.

Futurice’s Prowess in Data and Machine Learning: Collaborating with Futurice, a leader in software and digital engineering, enhances our capabilities. With over 850 technologists, programmers, and systems architects, Futurice’s expertise in data and machine learning elevates our solutions to unprecedented heights.

Innovation at the Forefront: Join our transformative journey, where innovation drives your business forward. Celebrate customer interactions as art and redefine your business’s possibilities through the power of new technology.

Customized Tech & Data Solutions

Vivaldi understands that each company, employee base, and product team is unique. We, as technology consultants, offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether global or local, ensuring your business stays ahead in the race to embrace AI, dynamic data and new technologies.

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