Transforming Landsec’s Real Estate into A Lifestyle Brand

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The Challenge

Landsec had to break through the fierce competition and find a point of differentiation that felt true to the brand to emerge as a leader in the commercial property development industry, so they enlisted Vivaldi to help identify areas of growth.

The Opportunity

Rising pressure from the competition sparked an opportunity for Landsec to deliver unique and elevated concepts to better serve their residents’ lifestyles. With the help of Vivaldi, they redefined what was possible in property development.

The Outcome

This partnership allowed Landsec to transform from a provider of spaces to a provider of experiences manifested through locations. By broadening their beliefs of what their brand could be, Vivaldi helped reestablish Landsec as a future-facing brand

An elevated experience

For Landsec, the largest commercial property development and investment company in the UK, developing spaces is central to what they do. From Cardinal Place to the Piccadilly Lights, Landsec manages more than 24 million square feet of commercial property.

Looking to develop a new urban living concept, Landsec enlisted Vivaldi’s services to help find a competitive edge. While competitors promised luxury and amenities in their buildings, Vivaldi encouraged Landsec to focus on creating an experience for visitors. Rather than engaging in an amenities arms race, Landsec could offer an elevated user experience.

Finding the white space

In such a competitive market, the challenge is to find a point of differentiation. Vivaldi helped identity this white space, determine which problems needed to be solved, develop a series of ideas, and pressure-test and iterate the ideas for feasibility. From there a narrative and visual representations were created.  

The Vivaldi team worked to create compelling 3D-designed images that would bring the experience to life, while partnering with the client’s architects to ensure that the plans were realistic and executable. Through face-to-face workshops, the iteration and refinement process was conducted with the client to infuse ownership.  

The process helped reveal that the client needed to hone a deeper sense of curation and engagement. Rather than putting buildings up and walking away, actively connecting with residents and examining the environmental impact on the community would be vital pieces to move into the future.  

Vivaldi helped to reframe the approach and deliver a strategy to help the client create spaces where residents can feel like they can flourish and achieve true wellbeing.  

“The client was very hands on and willing to participate in some pretty tough (and long) workshops. They kept engaged in the material and worked hard to build ideas (as opposed to just turning them down). I think the team and I kept the exercises fresh, we helped them oscillate between an expansive and reductive mindset and we helped broaden their beliefs on what their brand could be.”
— Cerrone Lundy, Director, Vivaldi