5 Steps to Developing a Digital Platform Strategy

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So, you want to realize a digital platform strategy. What now? 

At Vivaldi, we guide, support and enable clients transitioning to a platform business. Our team of strategists, designers, and marketers work cross-functionally to provide a personalized experience and output that not only ideates but actualizes a digital platform strategy. Building a platform business is more than bringing an idea to life. Rather, it is rooted in a fundamental understanding of consumer behaviors and how to disrupt the cycle in creating a seamless experience.

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What does a digital platform strategy look like? 

We’re driven to push the thinking, develop insights, and ideate on how your business can deeply impact the end customer and disrupt the industry by creating value through interactions. Below we share the 5 fundamental steps we take along with the imperative questions to ask at each step:

  1. Dig Deep
    • What’s been done and what hasn’t? Let’s dig in and immerse ourselves into everything customer from what drives behavior to decision making to sharing. Intellectually inspired — deep insights are just the start to a digital platform strategy.
  2. Understand to Inspire
    • With a focus on being playful and strategic —using Unconventional Wisdom we’ll collaborate as one team. We’ll document journeys, we’ll identify jobs to be done and opportunities for growth.
  3. Focus In
    • The way we go-to-market matters as much as what goes to market. Do we set the bar high and let it fly? Do we go-live at ground-level? Here is where we identify and structure a launch with impact in mind.
  4. Actualize
    • After a rigorous assessment of what it takes to inspire — we start to bring our thinking to life, together, and with influential feedback woven in. What does it look like?  How does it feel? Where does it live?
  5. Execute
    • From packaging to experience—based on our new product vision our creative and digital studio will partner with you to take our secret to market.

How can my business start to make strategic shifts? 

Vivaldi offers workshops that packages our expertise to guide leadership teams through the step by step approach: from better understanding participants within your ecosystem to defining your platform strategy and formulating a roadmap for implementation. Learn more about our Platform Strategy Workshop, or contact us directly to discuss your brand’s opportunity in the platform economy.